From a young age, I knew I was destined to become a professional communicator of some sort.

Growing up in Oxford, Mich., my childhood loves were reading, writing, talking, creating impromptu songs, competing in spelling bees, performing in plays, working on school newspapers and yearbooks, writing for The Oakland Press, and participating in journalism competitions.

I took those skills and experiences to Central Michigan University, where I majored in communication with an organizational communication emphasis and minored in journalism while engaging in the activities that would shape my future: Serving as a reporter and arts and entertainment editor at Central Michigan Life, spending three summers as an Academic Orientation mentor, working as a writer in the public relations and marketing office for two years, being a teaching assistant in a beginning-level communication class, attending and facilitating leadership conferences, and participating in and leading campus organizations.

So, it’s no surprise that today I have nearly seven years of professional experience in public relations -- including constituent relations and media relations -- and have worked as a professional journalist, both as a hard news reporter and as a community editor. I also have worked independently with entertainment-industry clients, maintaining Web sites, developing newsletters and providing additional communication services designed to keep the artists connected with their fans.

While my passions remain very similar to what they were decades ago -- except the fact that I’m probably above the age limit to participate in spelling bees -- the difference is that I am a trained, experienced professional who is ready to provide you with the communication services you need to promote your brand, build your credibility as an expert, sell your product or service, maintain contact with your key stakeholders, stand out in a crowded marketplace and poor economic climate, and/or navigate the tricky world of social media.

What you get when you enlist my services:

  • Writer
  • Editor
  • Media relations professional
  • Quick learner
  • Utility player
  • Efficient planner and organizer
  • Executive-level speechwriter and correspondence writer
  • Relationship builder
  • Social media user
  • Photographer
  • On-air TV talent
  • Audio podcast hostess
  • Event planner

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